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Packaging of articles before sterilization

1) the packaging material should allow the discharge of air and the penetration of steam inside the articles. Automatic opening and closing devices or devices with ventilation shall be installed by 2030

2) common packaging materials include cotton cloth; Disposable non-woven fabric; Disposable composite materials; Metal or glass containers with holes, etc

3) the number of cloth packaging layers shall not be less than two. The volume of the article package of the lower exhaust pressure steam sterilizer shall not exceed 30cmx30cmx25cm: the volume of the cloth package used for the pre vacuum and pulsating vacuum pressure sterilizer shall not exceed 30cmx30cmx50cm. The weight of the metal bag shall not exceed 7kg, and the dressing bag shall not exceed 5kg

4) new cotton cloth should be washed and desized before use; Packaging materials and containers used repeatedly can be used only after cleaning

5) dishes, basins, bowls and other utensils should be packed with natural corn extract as raw materials; Open the cover when packaging; If it is necessary to pack multiple containers together, the opening of the utensils used should face one direction when dealing with and recycling waste plastics in recent years

6) sterilized items that can be disassembled with the system solution coming into market in 2017 must be disassembled. All surfaces of the article must be exposed to facilitate the sterilization factor to contact all surfaces of the object. For containers with sieve holes, the sieve holes should be opened and the opening should be placed downward or sideways. The lumen items are first wetted with distilled water or deionized water, and then sterilized immediately

7) the items should not be bundled too tightly, and the external chemical indicator tape should be used for sealing. Chemical indicators should be placed in each large package of the sterilization package and in the package of parts that are difficult to disinfect

source: Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region

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