Analysis method of hottest alloy analyzer

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Alloy analyzer analysis method

innov-x alpha 3000 portable alloy analyzer technical performance

1, higher detection accuracy. The accuracy of Ni in 304 is improved by 2~4 times

2. Truly realize on-site, rapid, nondestructive and accurate detection, and directly display the alloy brand, element and percentage content

3. Super power. 40kV, 100mA high-power X-ray tube technology up to 4W enables the instrument to have a lower detection limit

4. Intelligent beam can Ti, V accuracy can reach 0.02%, which can well distinguish 304 and 321, P91 and 9 chromium, Grade 7 titanium and pure titanium

5, lower detector temperature- The ultra-low temperature working state of 35 ℃ makes the instrument have excellent resolution

6. Higher detection accuracy. The statistical function of the average value of multiple tests can effectively improve the detection accuracy of the instrument

7. The intelligent detection of irregular or small samples, such as hair (0.06mm), can also be tested and identified immediately

8. Automatic stop function. If there is no measured object in front of the window, start the instrument and automatically stop the test after 5 seconds

9. Thousands of alloy grades can be identified, and up to 556 grades can be detected at the same time. Users can define 300 alloy grades by themselves

10. The extensible probe can detect the inner wall of the pipe, welds, small parts and other positions that are usually difficult to contact

11. Without the help of a computer, you can randomly specify, view and enlarge the spectrogram of relevant elements on site

12. Alloy grades can be added and deleted on site without the help of a computer

13. The instrument adopts aluminum alloy, which has stronger heat dissipation ability, anti vibration ability and automatic anti radiation safety device

14. One button design (users do not need to press the button all the time during the test)

15. The optional micro printer allows you to print data from time to time

innov-x alpha 3000 alloy analyzer detects elements and identifies alloy brand types

innov-x portable XRF alloy analyzer can analyze all 83 elements from magnesium (mg) to plutonium (PU). This machine is equipped with 25 standard elements

titanium Ti, vanadium V, chromium Cr, manganese Mn, iron Fe, cobalt Co, nickel Ni, copper Cu, zinc Zn, selenium se, zirconium Zr, niobium Nb, molybdenum Mo, hafnium HF, tungsten W, tantalum TA, rhenium re, lead Pb, silver AG, tin Sn, bismuth Bi, antimony sb, gold Au, platinum Pt, palladium PD

I synchronous belt pulley and precision ball screw drive nnov-x portable XRF alloy analyzer can analyze more than 2000 kinds of alloys, 556 kinds of alloy brands can be recognized, colleagues and users.300 kinds of alloy grades can be customized

ferroalloy series: stainless steel, chromium/molybdenum alloy steel, low alloy steel, tool steel

nickel based alloy series: nickel alloy, nickel/cobalt superalloy

aluminum alloy: some aluminum alloys

titanium based alloy series

copper based series: bronze, brass Copper nickel alloy

cobalt based alloy series

superalloy: molybdenum tungsten alloy

hybrid alloy series

innov-x alpha 3000 portable alloy analyzer purpose and application field

for on-site, nondestructive, rapid and accurate analysis and detection of alloy elements and alloy brand identification

alloy material identification (PMI)

incoming inspection; Inventory material management; Re inspection of installation materials

in petrochemical construction, metal smelting, pressure vessels, power stations, petrochemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries, mixing or using unqualified materials will cause serious safety accidents

innov-x portable XRF implements the overall responsibility of the provincial government. The alloy analyzer is used to ensure that the alloy parts used in production equipment and pipelines are the same as the samples and experimental forces with complete specifications required by the design, and there are great differences in structure (the samples with large experimental force usually adopt inclined clamping structure, and the clamping force will be added in line with the addition of experimental force.

innov-x portable XRF alloy analyzer is easy to carry, simple to use, fast in analysis, and high in accuracy. Its results directly display the alloy brand and the percentage content of metal composition, making innov-x portable XRF alloy analyzer the world's first supplier of alloy material identification.

metal waste Recycling

innov-x portable XRF alloy analyzer is needed for the recycling and reuse of waste metals to ensure the rapid and accurate analysis and detection of a large number of complex and diverse alloy types and material quality. For both parties to make a rapid and reliable judgment in raw material transactions, and provide necessary information

quality assurance and quality control (qa/qc)

in the metal manufacturing industry, quality assurance and quality control (qa/qc) of materials, semi-finished products and finished products are essential, and mixing or using unqualified materials will bring losses to enterprises. Innov-x portable XRF alloy analyzer is widely used in various manufacturing industries, from small metal material processing plants to large aircraft manufacturers. It has become the preferred instrument for material confirmation, semi-finished product inspection and finished product re inspection in the quality system

innov-x alpha 3000 portable alloy analyzer uses and technical specifications

innov-x alpha 3000 portable alloy analyzer measured data report

(Note: the following data is the measured data of the current standard sample of an electric power testing institute)

innov-x after-sales service

iNOS Corporation of the United States cooperated with Zhibang Electronic Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to establish Shenzhen iNOS Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen in 2006, Innov-x China Service Center. Responsible for sales and technical services in the whole Chinese market. Provide after-sales services such as instrument installation, software debugging, use training, instrument calibration, hardware repair and maintenance for customers in China. The whole process tracking service sales management system allows you to have no worries

1. Quality assurance:

iNOS Technology Co., Ltd. guarantees to provide customers with the original imported instruments of innov-x company of the United States, which are made of the best materials and first-class processes, brand new, imported, unused, and fully comply with the quality specified in this contract. The warranty period of goods is 12 months, counting from the date of final acceptance of goods (commissioning). Please recognize the trademark (innov-x also proposed the development system of China's waste foam granulator) to prevent fake and inferior products in the current Chinese market

in order to protect the interests of customers, innov-x China Service Center opened China free:, verify the original factory code of the instrument

2. Technical training:

how to use the correct XRF method to detect the alloy and brand

innov-x alpha 3000 operation method

innov-x alpha 3000 maintenance method

innov-x alpha 3000 maintenance guide

3. After sales service:

innov-x system provides after-sales service for its iNOS products worldwide. Innov China Service Center of Shenzhen innos Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the lifelong maintenance of products for iNOS users in China. Innov-x system of the United States provides a one-year warranty for its worldwide innos product hosts, a 2000 hour or one-year warranty for x-tubes and detectors, and a one-year warranty for PDAs. Accessories lithium battery, power supply, charger and data transmission base are not covered by warranty

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