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Packaging methods and functions of modern military logistics

first, the demand of high-tech local war on modern military logistics

modern military logistics work should be guided by the demand of high-tech local war, closely focus on the military struggle preparation work center to win high-tech local war, apply system engineering theory, and vigorously strengthen various works of modern military logistics support according to the principle of optimal cost-effectiveness ratio, Comprehensively improve the rapid support ability of military forces in daily life, peacetime training and wartime operations to meet the development needs of high-tech local wars

the high-tech local war, which is characterized by "high technology, high speed and high intensity", is the fundamental reason for the transformation of transportation support, storage support, handling support and distribution support of modern military logistics

high technology has greatly changed the combat technology performance of military materials, resulting in the transformation of combat patterns from linear to non-linear, frequent military power conversion, significantly improved mobility, increased the randomness of military material support, and formed a new pattern of support with many points, long lines and a wide range, It is required that the support mode of modern military logistics should gradually transition from "static" support based on fixed-point support to "dynamic" support based on mobile support

high speed makes the outbreak of military struggle suddenly, the war process accelerates, the duration shortens, and the preparation time limit for peacetime to war is greatly reduced. It does not give military forces more preparation time, resulting in a sharp increase in the support intensity and support load of military forces per unit time. It requires that the support mode of modern military logistics develop from the traditional "dyeing and carrying" type to the "mechanization" type suitable for modern military logistics

the high intensity makes the consumption of military materials increase unprecedentedly. The "energy release" type of high-intensity local war further increases the support of military forces, and the support difficulty and intensity of military forces are significantly increased. It requires the modern military logistics support means to transition from a single "planar" to a "three-dimensional" joint logistics

facing the new demand of high-tech local war for modern military logistics support, the author believes that modern military logistics should be based on the complete set of storage support, the mechanization of handling support as a breakthrough, and the three-dimensional means of transportation support to achieve the goal of distribution support mechanization, so as to finally realize the "rapid response, flexible and reliable operation, safe and efficient operation, timely and accurate supply, and appropriate and effective guarantee" of military forces

second, the role of storage support in the most modern military logistics

storage support in modern military logistics is to ensure the daily training and combat needs of military forces, reserve a certain amount of military materials in advance. It is the source of military material support, the material basis for maintaining the timeliness and continuity of military force support, and the prerequisite for military forces to complete military struggle

the complete set of storage support is to rely on the military materials stored in the military force strategy and campaign as the source, adopt the unit packaging method, and use the preset storage means to pre decompose the service work in the support of military forces in wartime, such as requisition calculation, inventory and distribution, into the storage support of military forces in peacetime, so that the layout of storage support in modern military logistics is reasonable, the form is scientific, and the quantity standard

the work center of modern military logistics is to ensure the storage reliability of military materials. Military materials are different from civilian materials. According to military force deployment and strategic considerations, they need to be stored for a long time. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes for water supply gb/t 10002.1 (1) 996 are susceptible to the influence or damage of adverse inducing factors such as temperature, humidity and salt in the storage environment during long-term storage, resulting in corrosion of metal parts in military materials, insulation effectiveness of electronic devices, aging of plastic and rubber products, fogging and mildew of optical instruments, and mildew of military cotton products, thereby reducing the storage reliability of military materials

in view of the actual storage support work in modern military logistics, various advanced, reliable, economical and applicable protective packaging methods are adopted to enhance the resistance of military materials to various adverse factors, reduce or avoid the impact of adverse factors in the storage environment, reduce the demand of military materials for storage environmental conditions, and make the storage reliability of military materials not change greatly due to changes in storage environmental conditions, Extend the storage validity period of military materials, enhance the storage reliability of military materials, reduce the work of warehouse maintenance, completely change the storage and guarantee cost of military materials, facilitate the storage and guarantee work of military materials, completely change the idea of "warehouse storage first, packaging and protection supplemented" in the storage and guarantee work of military materials, and gradually establish a new mode of "packaging and protection first, and warehouse storage equally"

the equipment supply and support center of a military region adopts the "dry + sealed" protective packaging technology to realize the serialization of maintenance equipment packaging, so that the storage life of equipment is increased from less than 2 years to more than 6 years, saving nearly 40% of storage support, and improving the storage support capacity by 35 times, creating conditions for the mechanization of handling support, the systematization of transportation auxiliary support, and the motorization of distribution support, and laying a material foundation for the rapid support of the army

Third, the role of transportation support in modern military logistics

transportation support in modern military logistics is the basis for the implementation of rapid and efficient support operations of military forces. It is the necessary birthday to enhance the mobility, rapid supply and evacuation capabilities of troops, and the link between storage support and distribution support in modern military logistics, which directly affects the support speed and efficiency of military forces

the three-dimensional transportation support in modern military logistics is to use advanced means of transportation such as landing and airdrop, and rely on a variety of mobile transportation tools such as cars, trailers, armored crawler carriers, trains, ships, aircraft, etc. to realize the long-range mobile support, three-dimensional vertical support, accompanying support and direct support of military forces from the ground, water and air, so as to enhance the mobility of troops, Meet the requirements of high-tech local war for transportation support in modern military logistics

as the "medium" of modern military logistics and military force transportation insurance, the protection function of packaging uses materials that will not be damaged in the whole process of transportation support, improves the transportation support efficiency of military forces, reduces the transportation support cost of military materials, and achieves the optimal cost-effectiveness ratio

shock and vibration loads accompany the whole process of modern military logistics transportation support, and always affect the quality of military materials and the safety of military force support. Protective packaging such as buffer packaging and shockproof packaging can reduce or reduce the harm of shock and vibration, prolong the time for military materials to resist vibration and impact, improve the seismic capacity of military materials, and meet the transportation support requirements of modern military logistics

standardized and serialized packaging standardizes the packaging size of military materials, endows military materials with a new packaging structure, enhances the adaptability of military materials to various means of transportation, improves the standardization level of military materials, maximizes the use of transportation support tools, further improves the transportation support efficiency of military forces, and saves their transportation support costs. The standardized packaging of certain military materials has increased the load capacity of Dongfeng 141 transport vehicle by nearly 50%, and the transportation support cost has decreased by more than 30%

IV. The role of handling support in modern military logistics

handling support in modern military logistics is a necessary means to realize the time displacement and space displacement of military force support, and it is an important link of modern military logistics support. The mechanization of transportation support in modern military logistics is to use advanced transportation machinery to complete the transportation support operation of military forces, completely solve the backward support mode of "people carrying and carrying", reduce the intensity and difficulty of transportation support of military forces, save transportation support operators, and meet the development needs of high-tech local Wars for the rapid support of military forces

the reason for the "human carrying and shoulder carrying" support mode of military forces is packaging. The "mechanized" handling support is inseparable from and also depends on packaging. The traditional packaging structure design object is manual handling, which is not suitable for mechanized handling support operations, greatly reducing the efficiency of handling and writing, and restricting the rapid development of mechanized support. The packaging method of unit set is adopted, such as the rapid development of containerization and pallet mechanized support. The only way to realize the mechanization of military force handling support is to adopt the packaging method of unit assembly, such as container assembly, pallet assembly, trailer assembly, slide assembly, container assembly and so on. Only after the collective packaging of military materials is completed can the guarantee efficiency of handling machinery be brought into full play

collective packaging can effectively reduce the impact, vibration and pressure of military materials in the storage and transportation process, reduce the harm caused by environmental factors, and improve the protection ability of military materials; It is also conducive to the mechanization and automation of handling support operations, shorten the handling time, and win the initiative for military force support. It is an effective measure to complete the mechanization of military material handling support; It reduces labor intensity, saves peacetime labor and more valuable soldiers in wartime, shortens the time of combat readiness conversion, and improves the efficiency of handling operations

the impact overload of manually handling boxed military materials is more than 100 g, the impact overload of pallet collective packaging handling is 10 g, and the impact overload of container collective packaging handling is 12 g, usually less than 1 g. collective packaging can avoid rough handling and damage caused by multiple handling during "manual handling" operations. At the same time, packaged military materials can simplify their outer packaging design, save packaging materials and costs, and reduce the requirements of outer packaging, which is conducive to the standardization and unification of handling support in factories, warehouses and troops, and lay the foundation for the modernization of military force support

v. the role of distribution support in modern military logistics

distribution support in modern military logistics is the obstacle operation of military materials receiving and dispatching, supply and other operations carried out by military forces in different support areas. It is the terminal link of military force support and the final embodiment of the rapid support of military forces. The effective play of its function and efficiency is directly related to and restricts the rapid support ability of military forces

its distribution support motorization is to take the source of military materials packaged in "standard packages" and highly mobile support equipment as the carrier to establish a "mobile 1, host" military material support warehouse, change the traditional way of "static" support based on fixed points implemented by military stations, field warehouses and other support entities in the past, realize mobile "dynamic" distribution support, and reduce the intermediate links of distribution support, Meet the requirements of high-tech local war for the mobility of military force distribution support

adopt the standard unit packaging method to establish the "standard package" of military materials and realize the standardization of the packaging quantity of military materials. The requisition, inventory and distribution of military materials take the number of standard packages or standard package combination units as the unit of calculation. The past "measurement" calculation method must be changed to create conditions for the "piece" mobile distribution guarantee of military materials, In addition, the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently, so as to speed up the process of direct supply of military materials to combat users and realize the direct guarantee of military forces

established by adopting standard unitized packaging method

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