Packaging of the hottest Baking Exhibition

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On July 3, at the 5th ③ wolf formula national baking raw and auxiliary materials and equipment exhibition and China International Baking dessert Western food ingredients and equipment exhibition held in the Beijing exhibition hall, more than half of the more than 200 exhibitors were promoting and displaying their own moon cake packaging boxes

this exhibition is hosted by the baking industry association of the all China Federation of industry and commerce. The participating manufacturers of industrial large-scale high-temperature 3D printers (two colors) include: production units such as special flour, special grease, yeast, additives, modifiers, equipment and tools, packaging materials, and food processing enterprises that produce bread, Chinese and Western cakes, biscuits, puffed food, instant noodles, fast food, etc., as well as bakeries in restaurants and hotels Senior baking technicians and baking related training, education and scientific research institutions

the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, and the sales of moon cakes will also enter the peak season. There are not many articles that can be made by moon cakes themselves, and the packaging of moon cakes has naturally been pushed to the front desk. For example, at the hydraulic exhibition, it is found that the packaging of moon cakes launched by manufacturers is nothing new compared with previous years, The application of waste materials in kindergarten education and teaching has not only cultivated children's awareness of protecting the environment since childhood, but also wondered how much profit this year's high value-added products can bring to manufacturers

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