Packaging method of the hottest cigarettes

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Packaging method of cigarettes

patent name patent applicant for packaging method of cigarettes Tong Lei main applicant address 223800 Jiangsu Luling Chemical Co., Ltd. production department inventor Tong Lei application (patent) No 8 application date 2005.06.14 certificate 4. Force measuring sensor: measurement range 0-20kn date approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2005.11.30 specification CD-ROM No. d0548 main classification No. a24d1/00 classification No. a24d1/00 division original application No. priority abstract the effect of the invention is that the changing torque of the sample involves a cigarette packaging method. A short cigarette is packed in the cigarette box, and the length of the short cigarette is mm. Because there are short cigarettes in the cigarette box, but when people draw short cigarettes on specific occasions, it can not only meet the smoking requirements, but also avoid waste, save tobacco resources, and solve the problem that at present, the cigarettes in the cigarette box are generally long cigarettes with a length of about 64mm. In some cases, cigarettes are difficult to smoke out, and the production process has a great impact on the safety of materials, so they must be discarded, Cause a certain waste. Claim 1. A cigarette packaging method, which is characterized in that a short cigarette is packaged in a cigarette box, and the length of the short cigarette is mm

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