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Shaan auto caravan interactive roadshow Shandong end sign 180

Shaan auto caravan interactive roadshow Shandong end sign 180

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climb high and look far, beautiful scenery; Convenient transportation, extending in all directions; It is rich in resources and advanced in industry. A simple passage may not summarize Shandong, a province with a long history, vast territory and abundant resources, but a passionate heart expressed that love was emphasized again in the public report of Shaanxi Automobile on the official media of Shandong truck driver friends. The experiential interactive roadshow showed the charm of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck. With the most perfect service concept and the most advanced technology, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has entered the vision of Shandong customers, and the zero distance experiential communication platform with the nature of industry leader - Caravan interactive roadshow Shandong station has come to a successful conclusion

Shandong Province is located at the intersection of China's economic belt along the Yellow River and the economic zone around the Bohai Sea. It is the North-South transportation artery in eastern China and plays an important role in the national economic pattern. It is also one of the provinces rich in mineral resources in the eastern coastal areas of China, which has important potential value. The regional highway logistics and transportation industry is also growing rapidly, with increasing demand for heavy trucks and increasing quality requirements. According to the characteristics of the regional market, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. has brought Delong X3000 and new M3000 tractors to the majority of users in the form of interactive roadshows in caravans. It is of great strategic significance for Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck to go deep into the regional market and realize brand extension for the technology to be learned before using the metallographic polishing machine

as of July 18, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck "360 ° full experience" Caravan interactive roadshow, Shandong district, including Liaocheng, Heze, Jining, Linyi, Zibo Longkou and other eight cities and regions, all the activities had a perfect curtain call. The activity achieved good results everywhere. Finally, the whole Shandong region achieved on-site car ordering of 180 sets and developed more than 1000 potential users. Among them, the activity site of Liaocheng station, the first stop in Shandong Province, has seen a maximum of 42 one-day bookings since the start of the caravan interactive roadshow, realizing a new leap forward in the caravan interactive roadshow

in order to alleviate the tiring journey of heavy truck drivers during the day, activities in Shandong are arranged in the evening. Wherever the caravan went, the scene was full of passion and crowds. Award winning research, songs and dances with local characteristics, sketch performances, interesting interactive games and 360 ° car walkaround explanations, together with the on-site test drive, each link highlights the interaction with customers, creates a real participation platform for truck drivers, and realizes the perfect combination of experience and demand mining

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck continues to care for truck drivers. The perfect service concept and all-round accessory product guarantee make Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck highly economical and reliable. In order to let customers know about Shaanxi Auto parts in an all-round way, there is also a parts display platform at the event site, so that customers can understand the quality and service of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck in essence

in addition, the caravan interactive roadshow also landed in Huning region today. The same wonderful program and high-quality Shaanxi must cut off the power supply, automobile and heavy truck products, together with the on-site preferential promotion activities, will bring the most perfect user body for customers in Huning region, so that complex data analysis can be carried out

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