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Shaanxi Automobile 2017 first meeting and intimate service warm heart project press conference was successfully held

Shaanxi Automobile 2017 first meeting and intimate service warm heart project press conference was successfully held

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on March 31, the 2017 first meeting of Shaanxi Automobile intimate service alliance and intimate service warm heart project press conference with the theme of "alliance cohesion, chain development, innovative value and win-win" was grandly held in Xi'an

the first conference of Shaanxi Automobile in 2017 and the conference of intimate service and warm heart project were successfully held

the purpose of this conference is to guide and improve the guarantee ability of highway logistics vehicles by introducing the excellent service parts and industrial chain service guarantee advantage policies of Shaanxi Automobile in 2017, and realize the steady improvement of channel operation ability with the help of the power of the alliance; By inviting customers to join the alliance and launching the warm hearted project of intimate service, we will further practice the service concept of "everything for users" of Shaanxi Automobile, and maximize the operational value of customers' products

the 2017 first meeting of Shaanxi heavy duty truck and the warm hearted service project press conference were successfully held.

Zhou Yinchao, deputy general manager of Shaanxi heavy duty truck, Liu Xiangtao, general manager of Shaanxi heavy duty truck sales company, Zhang Jiaqiang, President of Shaanxi heavy duty truck intimate service alliance, as well as more than 100 people including members of the leadership team of Shaanxi heavy duty truck sales company, members of the yellow gold industry chain, customer leader representatives, all members of Shaanxi heavy duty truck intimate service alliance, and some benchmark station channels attended. The meeting was presided over by wangyongfeng, deputy general manager of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company

the first conference of Shaanxi Automobile in 2017 and the conference of intimate service and warm heart project were successfully held.

looking back on 2016, Shaanxi Automobile firmly seized the market opportunity, with annual sales of more than 80000 vehicles, an increase of 78% year-on-year. In the first quarter of 2017, domestic civil products sales exceeded 35000 vehicles, and successfully achieved the first in the industry in terms of sales volume and share growth. Shaanxi Automobile is in the forefront of the industry in terms of sales growth, structural transformation, key product breakthrough, and market segmentation

in terms of service, Shaanxi Automobile always adheres to customer orientation, strengthens the quality of after-sales service, takes the initiative to attack on the basis of actively practicing the concept of fast service, takes the improvement of eight service capabilities as the goal guidance, and relies on Tianxing Jianche service and financial service to realize the innovation, transformation and upgrading of products + services + finance in an all-round way

[close alliance]

at present, China's economy has entered a period of strategic opportunities for transformation and development, and the heavy truck industry is an important part of the manufacturing industry. The heavy truck market under the new normal is constantly adjusting. The personalized and effective service needs of customers make traditional services face unprecedented operational pressure. The era of fighting alone is over, and only by holding together can we go further

in the face of the adjustment of new industry regulations and the characteristics of highway logistics transportation vehicles, Shaanxi Automobile adapts to the customer service needs of the new era, and established the "Shaanxi Automobile intimate service alliance" on April 12, 2016. After nearly one year of benign operation, a new service mode of sharing service resources and win-win cooperation between channels and Shaanxi Automobile has been formed. Through the large platform of chain service of the alliance, more and more channels and customers have benefited

at the meeting, Shen Yuhang, manager of the sales service department of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company, in his capacity as Secretary General of Shaanxi Automobile intimate service alliance, made a brief summary of the results achieved by the alliance in 2016 and the development plan for 2017. He stressed that all members of the alliance were the pioneers in the innovation of heavy truck industry service mode, ensuring that sufficient lubrication measures were taken for the lubricated parts, In the future, Shaan Auto's after-sales service transformation and development history will certainly write a heavy stroke

Han Yuan, the assistant manager of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company, made suggestions on the development of spare parts support. He pointed out that the bottleneck restricting the development of channel accessories business is largely due to the weak synergy of the link between channel sales, service and distribution business. In the later stage, the accessories company will optimize the guarantee process and quickly improve the efficiency of accessories service guarantee through resource pre positioning, accurate templates and expert personnel

[efficient collaboration of gold partners]

the rapid development of Shaanxi Auto can not be separated from the strong support of gold industry chain members. This meeting specially invited gold industry chain members from Weichai Power, Xi'an Cummins, fast, hande axle and so on, and introduced in detail the advantages and security system of each self-produced product, which greatly enhanced the operation confidence of core channels

at the same time, in order to help the channel solve the capital bottleneck that hinders its development and growth, Shanghai Deutsche Bank commercial factoring company was specially invited to customize short-term factoring financing services for Shaanxi Automobile channel, aiming to solve the financing needs in the operation and development of each service station, and help the service station expand its business scale and become bigger and stronger

[innovative operation platform]

the establishment of Shaanxi Automobile intimate service alliance "marks another step in the strategic cooperation between our channel and Shaanxi heavy truck. In the past year, the standardized management and clear division of responsibilities of the alliance have helped the stable, healthy and long-term operation of the entire chain service system. In the future, the intimate service alliance will widely recruit members from customer groups. As members, they will enjoy services such as trusteeship, discounts, supply of goods, free rescue and so on, so as to truly realize the one-stop after-sales service experience

customer demand is the unremitting pursuit of Shaan auto service personnel. Providing customers with a single service project may attract customers for a while, but to truly grasp the hearts of customers and form loyalty, we need to rely on sound and good integrated marketing and service strategies. Through the alliance platform, we will integrate advantageous resources through all channels, from pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, Provide the best after-sales service for our alliance customer members

[customer satisfaction of warm heart project]

warm heart project of Shaanxi Automobile sales company is a new exploration and attempt of the sales company to carry out care, care and assistance to overseas marketing employees and their families in 2016, through carrying out a series of unique and innovative employee care and daily assistance activities. Don't forget the original intention to grow together, and the intimate service will be more warm. In 2017, the intimate service absorbed the advanced concepts and working methods of the warm project of the sales company, and is oriented to users and channels

Shaanxi heavy truck leading group, together with customer leaders of Yuantong express, Yunda express and topwang logistics company, jointly launched the intimate service and warm heart project. Innovative release of considerate service and warm care action

Shaanxi Automobile intimate service warm heart project includes active service warm heart reminder with warm heart guarantee as the theme, fast delivery warm heart commitment, trusteeship service warm heart car, as well as emergency rescue warm heart care with warm heart care as the theme, truck driver warm heart care, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck warm heart recall, focusing on front-line warm heart examples, etc., with practical actions to cherish channel operation, and win customer satisfaction with warm heart measures

[manufacturers' Collaborative Value and win-win]

the cohesion of the alliance and the development of the chain. The original intention of the alliance is to create a friendly, harmonious and win-win communication platform. Through the establishment of the platform, we can know what customers need, think about what channels want, meet customer service needs, and meet channel operation needs

at the meeting, Liu Xiangtao, general manager of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company, analyzed the current situation and trend of the heavy truck industry market. He pointed out that the adjustment of product structure and macro policies provided Shaanxi heavy truck with an excellent opportunity. The upgrading of emission standards accelerated the introduction of national five year plan products, and the trend of market segmentation was more obvious. In view of the service work in 2017, President Liu put forward several expectations:

strengthen the implementation rate of pre-sales inspection to ensure that the vehicle delivered to users has "0" failure

strict implementation of rapid service response and adherence are the red line of enterprise service management

continue to improve the maintenance technology ability, and the demand for vanadium will double in the future to provide customers with higher quality 5 Service during loading

focus on customer relationship maintenance, innovate and implement the active service mode

continuously strengthen the spare parts guarantee reserve to ensure the accuracy of spare parts inventory

expand the publicity of custody services and implement the service warming project

while doing a good job in basic services, such as breaking through new high-performance drag reduction coating technology and bottom air lubrication drag reduction technology, we should strengthen channel transformation, build a new model of win-win cooperation for manufacturer services, adhere to customer orientation, care about customers, strengthen services, promote the implementation of various measures for Shaanxi Auto "fast" services, improve service capabilities, cultivate a professional service talent team, and give play to the synergy of manufacturers, alliances and channels, Better serve customers

never forget your original intention and continue to move forward through the wind and waves! In the future, Shaanxi Automobile will work closely with the channel, stand in the same boat with customers, based on the long-term, condense the mind, draw a blueprint, consolidate the foundation, strengthen the linkage of manufacturer services, and integrate the power of all channels to provide timely, fast, professional and thoughtful high-quality services for the majority of users, so as to be a service pioneer that will always lead the navigation industry

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