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Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 products Anhui Fuyang tour exhibition site is hot

Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 products Anhui Fuyang tour exhibition site is hot

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January 20-31, facing the cold wind, cutting through thorns and thorns, and going through wind and snow. Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. and Fuyang Weiye Shaanxi Automobile 4S store held the launch tour of Delong X3000 heavy truck new products

this exhibition tour passes through Yingzhou District, Yingquan District, Yingdong District, Taihe County, Linquan County, Funan County and Yingshang County of Fuyang City, with three districts and five counties. The journey reaches 10 kilometers, especially more than 00 kilometers represented by Ningbo

Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 heavy truck, known as "X-Men", is another high-end product built by Shaanxi Automobile in three years. It is a new generation of high-end standard load traction heavy truck, leading the reform of cost-effective logistics, breaking through the pattern of traditional road logistics models, and creating a new era. After a long time of market testing, X3000 heavy truck has been continuously optimized, more and more recognized by the majority of users, has become a veritable money making tool, and has set a new benchmark for efficient logistics and transportation

x3000 heavy trucks were warmly welcomed by local customers wherever they went. Everywhere we went, the seismic fortification intensity was 8 degrees. Shaanxi Automobile staff patiently explained the X3000 product 360 ° around the car to the customers, and introduced in detail the advantages of Delong X3000 heavy truck in fuel saving, leather light, t=n/r.................................. formula (11) is used, easy, safe, intelligent and so on. Customers asked for information one after another. In order to let customers have a deeper understanding of X3000 products, after the 360 ° walkaround explanation was finished and the corresponding speed was fast, a test drive was specially arranged, and customers were full of praise for X3000. As master li of Anhui Fuyang Weihua logistics company said, "I have driven Delong f3000, and I think the current X3000 has given me more surprises. Many humanized designs, whether high-end and atmospheric cab, new lightweight operation platform, and unexpected low fuel consumption, have made me have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of Shaanxi Automobile X3000 heavy truck. Next time I change a car, I will choose X3000 heavy truck."

during the 11 day tour, Shaanxi Automobile X3000 heavy truck witnessed the users' desire for a more perfect heavy truck. Shaanxi Automobile will continue to adhere to the positive development concept and continue to innovate as always; The hot performance of X3000 heavy truck has proved to us that only by continuously finding, meeting and creating customer needs, and focusing on customer needs, can we achieve outstanding value, take the lead in an all-round way and become the boss

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