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SFAE donated love to Deyang Dongqi middle school. The Chinese people are invincible

after the Wenchuan earthquake, SFAE employees actively responded to the public's normal verification of the original tensile state of the experimental machine, which brought great convenience and standardization. The division called on to donate more than 100000 yuan to the disaster area in just a few working days. Then, on behalf of all of you, colleagues in the Southwest District purchased 1000 sets of stainless steel dinner plates urgently needed by the school with some donations, and sent them to Deyang Dongqi middle school, which was seriously affected by the disaster, on June 20

at noon that day, it was still raining when we set out from Chengdu, but the sun came out as soon as we entered the boundary of Deyang, which seemed to indicate that this heartbreaking disaster would pass soon. In this earthquake, Dongqi middle school lost more than 200 students and more than a dozen teachers, and the school turned into rubble in an instant. However, when we drove close to Dongqi middle school, we saw a brand-new plank house located on an empty field. From a distance, we saw the five-star red flag flying high, which was very eye-catching and dazzling

wetted copper

the week of the school does not need to set attenuation); The headmaster heard that we had brought 1000 set meals, and said gratefully, "thank you, this is what we urgently need." President Zhou's wife and his daughter, who was a junior in high school this year, both died on May 12. In just a few minutes, President Zhou was the only one left in the happy family of three, but he survived without being knocked down by grief. From his eyes, we see that he is strong, yes, optimistic. We can deeply feel their sadness and fear in the conversation, but they are stronger, more confident and more optimistic than we thought. As Chinese people, we need to live and work more actively, and use our own strength to help them rebuild their homes and start a new life

the resumption oath of teachers and students of Dongfang Motor Corporation:

yesterday, I was a student of Dongfang Motor Corporation middle school

today, I am still a student of Dongqi middle school

the earthquake will not break our spirit and will. Facing the new plank house school, I swear:

for the glory of Dongqi middle school tomorrow, I will study hard

for the unfinished studies of the students in distress, I will study hard

in order to meet the teacher's ardent hope, I will study hard

for the sincere love of all sectors of society, I will study hard

I am determined: adults, success, should replace the beam in time to become talents

just like the slogan hanging behind the classroom, we firmly believe that the Chinese people are invincible

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