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Shaanxi Automobile Delong "Huaihai action" Huainan lift regional order new wave

Shaanxi Automobile Delong "Huaihai action" Huainan lift regional order new wave

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on June 28, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck Anhui region "Huaihai action, which is the epitome of national metrology technology institutions serving medical and health institutions" Delong new m30006 × 4. 1. The host machine adopts the exchange servo electromechanical and driver as the power source to guide the car. The batch delivery ceremony and on-site order meeting were grandly held in Huainan City, Anhui Province

the event was hosted by Shaanxi Automobile Anhui office and Huainan MRT Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., with a total of more than 80 participants from Shaanxi Automobile Anhui Office, Huainan MRT Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., Huainan Freight Association, as well as automobile transportation companies and key users in Huainan region

users in Huainan region have high recognition of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, and users are full of trust in the Delong new M3000 tractor delivered this time, which fully meets the needs of users. So what advantages have attracted and conquered Huainan users? Shaanxi heavy truck Anhui office gave wonderful explanations to the users who came to the event, and further elaborated the characteristics and advantages of the new M3000 tractor

through the explanation, users have a more comprehensive understanding of Shaanxi Auto products, and they also have more trust in Shaanxi Auto Brand. At the end of the event, the on-site guests ordered six new M3000 tractors again

then, where are the advantages of Shaanxi Automobile Delong new M3000

atmospheric appearance

the new M3000 is a masterpiece of Shaanxi Automobile for the light load and high-speed logistics market. On the basis of ensuring the original driving safety, the appearance of the cab has been adjusted again. At the same time, the novel design adopts the advanced technology of large area tempered laminated glass, four point airbag shock absorption, and electric window lifter. The overall layout is soft and in place, and the lines are pleasant. Under the dual impact of comfort and aesthetics, It definitely makes you feel superior

high fuel economy

it has made a huge improvement in fuel economy. It is fully equipped with Weichai's four valve engine specially designed for Shaanxi (4) to vent the residual oil in the oil tank, with high horsepower and small speed ratio, coupled with fast 12 gear transmission and hande man technology single-stage reduction axle, which ensures the high economy of the vehicle. Compared with similar products, it can save 30000 yuan more fuel cost per year


for Delong's new M3000 tractor, Shaanxi Automobile has set up an exclusive service policy, enjoy the notice of Shaanxi Automobile's three-dimensional service, and enjoy the service policy of 36 months' ultra long warranty period, so that users who buy the new M3000 have no worries

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