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Since this year, Shaanxi Automobile has taken a series of positive reform and innovation measures in products, technology, marketing, management and other aspects to consolidate the development foundation, release competitive vitality, and continuously improve the market competitiveness of enterprises in the face of the slowdown in the total demand of the industry, the change of demand structure, and the increasingly competitive market environment. By the end of June, Shaanxi Auto had produced and sold 52900 vehicles of various types, of which the output increased by 18.61% year-on-year, and the sales increased by 20.79% year-on-year. The time task of "more than half" was successfully achieved, and the growth rate of production and sales was far higher than the industry average

adjust the product structure: meet the changes in market demand

according to enterprise data, in the first half of the year, the cumulative sales of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck exceeded 46000, with a year-on-year increase of 16.11%; The sales volume of passenger cars increased by 163% year-on-year; The sales volume of new energy mini cars has increased significantly. The "all-round flowering" of all sectors benefited from the forward-looking prediction and all-round layout of the market demand structure by the decision-making level of Shaanxi Automobile

since 2015, the adjustment and optimization of the economic structure has driven the synchronous change of the demand structure of the heavy truck industry, and the demand for dump trucks has declined, due to the low threshold, low-level repeated construction traction and rising cargo demand. Shaan automobile explored market demand, broke through key products in market segments, and effectively improved the product structure through the strong promotion of X3000 Gold Edition and new M3000 models, making products more in line with market and industry needs. At present, while consolidating the advantages of dump trucks, the proportion of tractors and trucks has increased to more than 70%, realizing the transformation of the brand from engineering experts to logistics experts

continuous innovation technology: comprehensively improve product quality

"demand driven technology promotion". In order to promote product optimization, Shaanxi Automobile further strengthens the demand centered positive development ability, and carries out targeted and accurate product development according to the use conditions and customer preferences of different market segments, so as to fully meet the differentiated needs of customers for products. At the same time, through benchmarking, Ensure that the main technical indicators of the main products are at the leading level in the industry

based on this, the full series of trucks built by Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. achieved breakthroughs in the markets of daily industrial products, agricultural and sideline products, express delivery, cold chain transportation and other products with its low fuel consumption of 10% lower than its competitors in 100 kilometers and the best self weight in the industry. While consolidating its leading position in the field of heavy trucks, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. has focused on the upgrading trend of logistics in the same city and completed the development and trial production of pure electric light trucks, with a driving range of more than 300 kilometers and the performance index ranking first in China

pedigree precision marketing: improve market competitiveness

industry growth slows down, and market competition gradually turns white hot. How to win? This year, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck marketing takes "customer orientation, market segmentation, strengthening transformation, service transcendence" as the working policy, upgrading innovative product line management, and improving the competitiveness of trend market segments. At present, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has fully implemented the pedigree marketing, established the project teams of trucks, port tractors, dangerous goods tractors, muck trucks, etc. in the headquarters, established the pedigree organization structure in the strong and smooth regional offices, set up the business managers of traction, self unloading, cargo carrying and special products under the regional general manager, and signed contracts with the dealers by line, so as to strive to achieve the intensive cultivation of the market

on this basis, Shaanxi Automobile strengthened the marketing planning of market segments. For the transportation of daily-use and industrial products, the food, water and fuel per gram in the Delong X3000 space mission, the main high-end model, were carefully planned; New m, the main promoter in the field of coal transportation, judged this batch of products as unqualified batch 3000; Breakthroughs have also been made in hot sub sectors such as express delivery, cold chain, muck, dangerous goods transportation and port tractors. In the first half of this year, Shaanxi Automobile tractor increased by more than 58.3% year-on-year, with the fastest growth rate in the industry, among which the tractor of dangerous chemicals increased by 300% year-on-year; The sales of port vehicles and muck vehicles rank first in the industry; Trucks increased by 118.5% year-on-year, with the share growth ranking first in the industry

innovative operation mechanism: accumulate new impetus for transformation and development

in order to continuously improve the quality of enterprise operation, Shaanxi Auto innovates the operation and management mechanism, effectively integrates and combs the internal processes and resources, reduces the management level through process reengineering, makes the internal operation constantly change to process and efficiency, improves the efficiency of organization operation and factor utilization, and accumulates new impetus for transformation and development

Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. carried out internal organization integration, reduced management levels, and implemented flat management. Optimize and integrate the organizational structure of the group, simplify and compress the level of cadres, set posts and staffing, and compete for posts. The optimization of management has effectively improved the operation efficiency of the enterprise. In the first half of 2016, compared with the same period last year, under the condition of a year-on-year increase of 20% in production and sales, the three expenses of Shaanxi Automobile decreased by 17.14 million yuan year-on-year, a decrease of 5%, including office expenses, travel expenses, entertainment expenses, conference expenses and other four expenses decreased by 4million yuan year-on-year, a decrease of more than 13%

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