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SGS helps lubtop2017 China Lubricating Oil Industry Summit Forum and annual general evaluation list

SGS helps lubtop2017 China Lubricating Oil Industry Summit Forum and annual general evaluation list

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SGS: the only third-party product testing organization designated by the general evaluation list


on December 28, 2017, lubtop2017 China Lubricating Oil Industry Summit Forum and industry carnival was grandly held in Shanghai,

lubtop2017 China Lubricant Industry Summit Forum is the first grand meeting of China's lubricant industry in the new era. It is a forum with the highest level of participation, the strongest lineup of speakers, and cross-border interaction. It is a neutral and open exchange and cooperation platform. Many well-known enterprise CEOs, GMS, and more than 300 domestic and foreign lubricant industry chain merchants will gather in Shanghai to participate in the grand event

award ceremony

will also be held grandly at the same time:

"lub top2017 annual general evaluation list award ceremony of China's lubricating oil industry"

this event is the largest and most influential national selection activity in the lubricating oil industry. It can be called "Oscar of lubricant industry"


industry masters are gathered, and those who can come are the most promising

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guidance unit

high dissemination! High influence! High participation

China Automobile Industry Association, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, chamber of Commerce for auto and motorcycle accessories industry of all China Federation of industry and commerce, lubricating oil branch of all China Federation of industry and Commerce petroleum chamber of Commerce, tangible automobile market branch of China Automobile Circulation Association, China Quality Inspection Association, Shanghai Lubricating Oil Industry Association

the reviewer of the conference requires all enterprises applying for quality awards to submit for inspection. As the only third-party product testing institution designated in the general evaluation list, SGS provides the most impartial, authoritative, accurate and most reliable quality report for expert reviewers. Behind every quality report are the efforts of SGS engineers

Mr. Lu Jun, national manager of fuel oil and lubricating oil service of SGS Petrochemical Department, made a wonderful speech

Mr. Lu Jun, national manager of fuel oil and lubricating oil service of SGS Petrochemical Department, attended this grand meeting and made a wonderful speech, focusing on SGS' ability to monitor the world and China, the range of products covered, the industry of services and the accumulation of our big data

sgs, as a world leader in inspecting the internal structure of the chip as shown in Figure 1, has entered China since 1991. Up to now, SGS Petrochemical Service Department has set up offices in 25 regions, established more than 35 testing centers, and has more than 700 Petrochemical inspectors. We are committed to providing professional and authoritative Petrochemical testing services to assist customers in relevant industries in sustainable development

sgs is also the world's largest supplier of lubricating oil testing and monitoring. It has more than 30 professional oil monitoring laboratories in 24 countries around the world, with an annual sample testing and diagnosis volume of more than 1.3 million, and has accumulated tens of millions of groups of equipment lubrication related data. In China, SGS has three professional lubricant testing laboratories with advanced equipment and complete capabilities in Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou, which provide more than 100000 tests and diagnostics every year for customers in the upstream and downstream whole industry chain, including lubricant R & D, production, trade, oil users, etc. the service industry covers petrochemical, engineering machinery, automobile, wind power, thermal power, automobile, port ship, gas and other industries

as a professional third-party testing organization, we guarantee to provide the expert reviewers with the most impartial, authoritative, accurate and reliable quality report. In the process of testing the oil products declared for quality awards, there have been temporary emergencies such as insufficient samples for inspection. We quickly arrange experts to connect with customers for replenishment of samples at the first time and explain the possible impact of the reduction test on the test results; Because the oxidation stability test directly related to the performance of the sample itself has not ended, the performance of the work process that may be affected is stable and reliable. We also timely and patiently communicate and explain with laboratory technicians, customers, sponsors and other parties to ensure the accuracy of each quality report! We take every sample and data seriously and try our best to create a fair competition environment for every candidate enterprise

in the same period of the forum, we also set up a booth, and an endless stream of customers came to consult. SGS technical experts also gave professional solutions on site and agreed on continuous communication after the meeting

we are very grateful to the sponsor and the review expert team for their high trust in SGS! Let's participate in this grand event, learn more about the market demand through this international platform, and put forward solutions and suggestions for many industries at the same time. In the field of lubricating oil, SGS always adheres to being the leader in the quality industry and is committed to contributing its energy to China's lubricating oil industry, accounting for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy

about SGS Petrochemical Services

SGS petrochemical service department is committed to providing professional, scientific, fair and objective testing services covering the upstream and downstream of the industry to all links of petroleum and chemicals, and assisting upstream exploration and development companies, relevant universities and scientific research institutions, producers, storage companies, agents, ship owners, traders and other parties to optimize product quality, ensure compliance, reduce safety and trade risks, and maximize benefits. In China, petrochemical services have developed for more than 20 years, with offices in 25 regions, nearly 35 well-equipped petrochemical professional testing laboratories, and a service team of more than 700 people. SGS Petrochemical testing service capabilities and networks are leading peers, worthy of the trust of enterprises

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