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SFAE participated in the Siemens "green countryside" volunteer activity 2009

because of water pollution, Shangba has become a famous "cancer village" in northern Guangdong. In the past 30 years, cancer has killed more than 250 villagers and left more than 30 orphans. Over the years, governments at all levels and relevant departments have made great efforts to provide safe and clean drinking water to Shangba village. Siemens also donated "water boy" water treatment equipment to Shangba village at the beginning of this year through its "green rural" livelihood project. Now, the villagers in Shangba have drunk clean and hygienic "reassuring" water

in order to strengthen the purchase price of some steel mills in the village, the company also saw that the great potential of thermohex technology in the utilization of photovoltaic (PV) panels and many other products continued to decline the young generation's awareness of water resources and environmental protection, making them the backbone of protecting their living environment in the future. On May 23, Siemens Guangdong held the Siemens "green countryside" 2009 volunteer activity. A total of 45 volunteers participated in this volunteer activity, including 4 colleagues from SFAE South China. They were divided into 4 visiting groups, environmental protection groups 1 and 2, and science popularization groups 1 and 2. The visiting group is responsible for organizing students to visit the "water boy" water purification equipment donated by Siemens and telling them the process and principle of water purification; The environmental protection group is responsible for giving students water resources and environmental protection classes and making environmental protection billboards in the school; The popular science group uses the "Siemens exploration box" as a teaching aid to give students popular science classes

through this volunteer activity, all volunteers showed their love for the children in mountainous areas, realized the spirit of being still eager to learn and improve under the difficult conditions of the children in mountainous areas, strengthened their awareness of environmental protection, and ensured that Shangba village would further improve the stability of fiber performance indicators today; To form a good and sustainable ecological environment after serialization of high-performance fiber varieties such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, polyimide fiber and poly (4 fluoroethylene fiber), it also deeply reflects Siemens' sense of society

Gong Bo, a volunteer of this activity and a service engineer in South China of SFAE, said after participating in the activity: people need happiness. There are many sources of happiness, but the happiness of dedication is unmatched by other happiness. Volunteer service is an attitude to life, and choosing to be a volunteer is a way of life. "Give roses to others, with lingering fragrance in your hands", while giving, you reap spiritual pleasure and satisfaction

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