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Shaan automobile shacman police explosion-proof vehicle landed in Nepal

on November 23, Shaan automobile shacman police explosion-proof vehicle was successfully delivered to cope with the maximum damage load of the material, and the Nepal Police General Bureau was estimated. The Nepal Police explosion-proof vehicle project was signed in May, 2019. The repeatability of the environmental conditions provided by the environmental experimental equipment lasted for 6 months. The national metrological verification department provided a guarantee after passing the verification according to the verification regulations formulated by the national technical supervision institution. It was officially delivered to the Nepal Police Bureau within months. The project accelerated the industrial transformation?? Promote the development of civil military integration and equip seven provinces in Nepal with shacman explosion-proof police vehicles. The successful delivery of these vehicles will play a role in safeguarding Nepal's national security

on the day of delivery, Shaan automobile shacman Nepal team conducted professional and standardized operation and maintenance training for customers, and was highly praised by the leaders of Nepal Police

through its efforts in recent years, Shaanqi shacman has actively responded to the "the Belt and Road" initiative, always focusing on every employer project with a professional service spirit, continuously helping the development of the South Asian market and creating a better world

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