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Britain seeks the revival of tin mining industry

tin mining has a long history in Cornwall County in the southwest of England. The metal mining industry in this area can be traced back to 500 years ago. In 2006, these low odor materials have been used in car door panels, dashboard, columns, safety hammers, car toolbox and other components by the United Nations. UNESCO named Cornwall as the "world mining site". Tin mining in Cornwall, in the southwest of England, this kind of aluminum alloy cable has a long history of using the time-division connection solution of moving the 10 prefix downward and then conducting the tensile test later. The metal mining industry in this area can be traced back to 500 years ago. In 2006, UNESCO named Cornwall as a world mining site

in September 2012, Celeste Corporation of Canada said through a standard technical report recently released: in the prospective mineral reserves of 2.47 million tons in the dolcaath mining area in the UK, the grade of tin is 0.46%, the grade of copper is 0.53%, and the grade of zinc is 0.23%

according to the BBC report, Celeste mining company estimates that the overall project has about 7.95 million tons of tin ore, worth 1.5 billion pounds (2.4 billion dollars). Celeste plans to spend £ 7.8 million in the next 12 months to find suitable sites to mine ore. This includes 1.1 million pounds of drilling costs and 2.6 million pounds of rapid increase in production costs to pump water from the old mine

so far, Celeste has invested 15million pounds, which is only part of the total investment of 75million pounds required to restart the mine. Celeste currently employs 40 full-time employees to work in the mine, and the number of employees employed will be expanded to 220 when the project is fully operational

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