The hottest ul3135 silicone wire has complete spec

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Ul3135 silica gel wire Tongguan county has complete specifications

ul3135 silica gel wire Tongguan county has complete specifications

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Product Brand JH product model 3239 production City Guangdong shipping city Dongguan total supply 122000 minimum starting order 610 product unit price 0.61 measurement unit meter product details

ul3135 silica gel wire Tongguan county has complete specifications

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ul3135 the insulation thermal extension of a single commodity of silicone wire even has the phenomenon of fusing meter, which is very easy to cause short circuit under high temperature in use. The quality of high-temperature wires and silicone wires also began to worry users, so how do consumers choose cables? According to the staff of the commodity quality inspection and testing institute, we should not choose cables with too low quotation. The quotation of finished cables cannot be sold below the cost. Among them, we need to consider the qualifications of the production company. China has implemented 3C certification for high-temperature wires, silica gel wires and other cables. Some goods are processed with production licenses, and company goods without licenses have no quality assurance. Finally, when purchasing wires, try to obtain the commodity inspection report from the seller. The quality of high-temperature wires and silicone wires cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. Only through testing can we distinguish whether this wire is qualified. The DC resistance of the conductor exceeds the standard. The copper wire of high-temperature wire and silica gel wire is about high-purity electrolytic copper. The wire drawn from such material is uniform and shiny

ul3135 silicone wire product characteristics:

1. High temperature resistance - working temperature up to 250 ℃

in the early stage, the state financial fund subsidy of 7million yuan was obtained. 2. Low temperature resistance - good mechanical toughness; Even if the temperature drops to -196 ℃, the elongation of 5% can be maintained

3. Corrosion resistance - for most chemicals and solvents, it is inert and resistant to strong acids, strong bases, water and various organic solvents

4. Weather resistance - it has the aging life of * * * in plastics

5. High lubrication is the one with friction coefficient * * * in solid materials

6. Non adhesion - it is the smallest surface tension in solid materials and does not adhere to any substance

7. No toxicity - with physiological inertia, it is implanted into the body as an artificial organ for a long time without adverse reactions

8. Electrical insulation - it can resist 1500 V high voltage

9. Atmospheric aging resistance - radiation resistance and low permeability in the field of diaphragm materials: after long-term exposure to the atmosphere, the surface and properties remain unchanged

10. Incombustibility - the oxygen limiting index is below 90

11. Acid and alkali resistance - insoluble in strong acids, strong bases and organic solvents (including magic acid, i.e. fluoroantimony sulfonic acid)

12. Oxidation resistance - able to resist the corrosion of strong oxidants, and strive to promote industrial management innovation

ul3135 silica gel wire scope of application

ul3135 silica gel wire is suitable for connecting wires of various household appliances, lighting fixtures, industrial machines, electric heating products, automotive wires, new energy equipment, power equipment, electronic products and other equipment products

ul3135 silica gel wire for architectural coatings, the implementation of green building standards puts forward higher requirements for it, and also provides a development fit for it. The application of energy-saving building coatings can promote the development of green buildings. For example, building exterior wall coatings can replace the light curtain glass walls widely used in cities, reduce light pollution, and the use of exterior wall insulation materials can also achieve the effect of energy conservation. The application of architectural coatings, especially building energy-saving coatings, coincides with the original intention of developing green buildings. The past 10 years have been called the "golden decade" of the real estate industry, and the coating industry has also taken the opportunity to achieve rapid development. At present, China's paint industry has become the world's largest paint producer and consumer. In 2011, the total output of paint suddenly reached 10 million tons for the first time. In terms of building energy-saving paint, the proportion of internal and external wall paint plus floor paint, waterproof paint, etc. reached 45.6%. Global coatings learned that at present, China's architectural coatings account for nearly half of the paint market, but according to data

[ul3135 silicone wire product characteristics]

high temperature, low temperature, acid, alkali, oil, combustion resistance, aging, weather resistance, mildew resistance and electrical insulation. The product meets UL758 standard and SGS and ROHS requirements

[ul3135 silica gel wire applicable range]

adopt mechanical transmission to feed household appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic equipment, aerospace, aviation, metallurgy and chemical industry, new energy equipment, automobiles and ships, engines, instrumentation, industrial robots, light industrial machinery, power installation and other high-temperature environment connecting wires

ul3135 silica gel wires, the per capita consumption of architectural coatings in China is far lower than that of 25kg in the United States and 15kg in the world. Therefore, the growth potential of architectural coatings in China is unlimited in the later stage. The wide development space of building energy-saving coatings provides a development opportunity for green buildings. What coating enterprises should think about is how to really develop the application of building energy-saving coatings in this vision, so as to promote the development of green buildings in China. According to the planning and policies of China's construction industry, during the "12th Five Year Plan", the application of architectural coatings in China will no longer be reflected in simple decoration and protection, but will be more functional. Therefore, the development of architectural coatings also needs to break the existing pattern and improve their own quality to comply with the development trend of the times. To sum up, in the face of the severe energy situation and the requirements of building an energy-saving society, the implementation of green building is the trend, and the application of architectural coatings is also consistent with it. The energy-saving coating market is very broad, but its market development still needs the efforts of all parties

ul10362 Teflon wire rated voltage: 600V

rated temperature: 250 ° C

wire gauge: USG


outer diameter tolerance: ± 0.10mm

: red, black, green, yellow, blue, brown, white, orange

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