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Ultra light fine powder automatic packaging system comes out

the patented technology of the bag invented by Yangzhou innovative packaging Co., Ltd., which is not equipped with a sampling and holding circuit and a mechanical air extraction device, has recently passed the appraisal of low scientific and technological cost organized by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province. The packaging system solves the problem of large dust, large air content in powder and poor accuracy in quantitative packaging, which has plagued the powder packaging industry for a long time, and realizes the effective separation of gas and powder. The packaging system is suitable for ultra light and fine powder packaging with large air content, such as silica, carbon black, kaolin, calcium carbonate powder, talc powder, starch, pigment, matting powder, etc

the device is effectively combined with the accurate measurement system, which has the characteristics of no dust after the upper and lower jaws of the bag are tightened, fast and accurate measurement, less material consumption, high degree of automation, low operation cost and so on. This product won the title of national key new product and high-tech product of Jiangsu Province in 2005

information source: China chemical industry news

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