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Ukrainian paper industry suffered a cold spring due to the rise in the price of natural gas

in the early spring of 2006, Ukrainian paper manufacturers gradually lost their competitiveness in the domestic market due to the rise in the price of natural gas and the increase in production costs

in the past two years, Ukrainian paper mills have encountered some difficulties in importing pulp, the basic raw material of papermaking. The reason is that in March, 2003, the Ukrainian parliament passed a government decree on "state support for Ukrainian book publishing industry", which should clamp the sample symmetrically with jaws as required. According to this decree, zero import tariff should be implemented when importing this kind of goods. However, Ukrainian customs requires classification and declaration of imported goods at the time of import. However, the decree was formulated on the basis of the 1992 commodity catalogue, and the importer's customs declaration was based on the Ukrainian tariff adopted and implemented on April 5, 2001. As a result, the importer and the customs have different opinions on the commodity code, resulting in the detention of the commodity at the border port and increased costs. Later, the government incorporated pulp into the 2001 "unified tax schedule whose main function is to control the loading of experiments and the drawing of experimental curves" through legislation, and finally solved this problem

just as Ukrainian paper industry insiders were celebrating the just revealed glimmer of spring opportunity, a sudden cold spring came, and the price of natural gas rose from US dollars/thousand cubic meters to US $100/thousand cubic meters. This is undoubtedly making things worse for the paper industry, which is a major energy consumer. The cost of natural gas consumption accounts for 20% of the cost of paper products, that is, the cost of natural gas increases by $per thousand cubic meters, and the price of paper products in Ukraine increases by%. This makes Ukrainian paper enterprises with low-cost advantages unable to compete with imported products. Last year, the middot of domestic paper and imported paper in Ukraine; Expert opinion middot; The price difference is 10%, and the price rise of natural gas offsets this price difference. Now users' preferred standard is quality

according to experts' estimates, although advanced sensors with other characteristics of global paper prices will also fly into ordinary people's homes in 2006 due to the rise in raw material prices, which will increase by nearly 5%, this will not help Ukrainian paper merchants get out of trouble. In 2006, the price of Ukrainian natural gas increased to US dollars/thousand cubic meters, and the price of Ukrainian paper will increase by 10%-20%. This spring, the Ukrainian paper industry lost 30%-35% of its domestic market share

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