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Kiev, March 21 (Xinhua) -- according to the Ukrainian media, the Ukrainian military successfully completed the test of the "flagman-tb2" attack UAV purchased from Turkey, which is industrialized and based. The measured parameters of the UAV meet the predetermined actual combat requirements, The missile on board hit the target accurately

according to Ukrainian today, Ukrainian President Poroshenko personally watched the test process of the UAV at the military test site in khmelynitsky state in western Ukraine on the 20th. After the successful test, he said, "equipping the Ukrainian army with UAVs such as chain building, chain extension and chain mending will effectively improve Ukrainian national defense capabilities"

in January this year, Ukraine signed a contract with Turkey to purchase six such UAVs and their airborne missiles. Ukrainian media estimated that the total contract price was as high as $69million

"flagman-tb2" attack UAV has a fuselage length of 6.5 meters, a wingspan of 12 meters, a maximum takeoff weight of 650 kg, a maximum flight altitude of 7300 meters, a maximum dead time of 24 hours, a maximum flight speed of 250 kilometers per hour, and a cruising speed of 130 kilometers per hour

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