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The UK has set up a high-tech materials technology integration center to accelerate the pace of research

a high-tech materials technology integration center with a cost of 1 million pounds has been completed and opened at the University of Leicester in the UK. Researchers hope that the new center can have an impact on many fields, such as climate change, transportation and even forensic medicine

the use and development of new materials is crucial to human development. The "era" in history is also defined according to materials, such as the stone age, the bronze age and the iron age, which all illustrate the importance of materials in the era of mankind

British scientists who are committed to finding materials in several important fields have always believed that the discovery and development of new materials is an important driving force for the "era of innovation" and the future manufacturing industry

the resin of the University of Leicester can withstand a peak temperature of 230 ℃ for 1000 hours. Researchers will cooperate with the industry to promote the innovation of material technology. The purpose of the materials technology integration center is to provide advanced technology and expertise that can be used to solve complex engineering and scientific problems

according to Professor Sarah Hainsworth, the director of the center, the material technology integration center provides technologies that can help industry and academia cooperate to solve future material challenges

Hainsworth said, "the purpose of the center is to support the urgent needs of industry for the development of new materials and processing processes. What is being developed is the next generation of materials, which will help to manufacture more efficient aircraft and automobile engines. New materials will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve the impact of transportation on the environment, and help society achieve the goal of minimizing the impact of climate change." "The new center will also participate in forensic work, which will have a certain impact on the methods of understanding and explaining violent crimes." She added

Hainsworth explained that materials play an important role. For example, its two cavities are respectively connected with accumulators to promote innovative methods to reduce environmental emissions and improve energy efficiency. "In order to better understand new materials, new analytical and experimental technologies are needed to generate new knowledge. However, it is crucial to integrate our analytical and experimental technologies so that we can better understand the processing process of materials or the use of materials, such as whether they are made by casting or chemical reaction," she said

"this integration is very important not only for new materials themselves, but also in some fields. For example, in geology, new technologies can test microfossils in new ways to obtain exciting three-dimensional structure information of microfossils." "We are very happy to create this new material technology integration center, and we are particularly looking forward to working with industry to solve future material challenges." Hainsworth said

John Fothergill, a professor at the University of Leicester, said: "the development of new materials has always been extremely important to human development. New materials and their manufacturing methods have attracted laughter through an example of advanced experiments, microscopy and specific technologies, as well as theoretical and computer modeling - European 2 handcart yards have developed methods to sell at a good price." "The new material technology integration center will bring the currently available basic equipment to the research, as well as some advanced analytical instruments and expertise." He added

fothergill pointed out: "in addition to using current university research to promote our further understanding of materials, the center will also ensure that we can further cooperate with the engineering community, which is beneficial to the UK."

at the same time, the cooperative research team led by Professor Michael wisnom of Bristol University and Professor Alexander Bismarck of Imperial College London won a prize for developing a new generation of high-performance polymer composites. This material can deform greatly without being damaged

the characteristics of existing fiber reinforced polymer composites are their high strength and high hardness. Their applications range from sporting goods to aircraft, but once this material has problems, it may cause disasters. Scientists from these two universities will use this money to develop a new generation of high-performance fiber reinforced polymer composites to overcome this serious defect

advanced composite materials take carbon, glass and aramid fibers as the basis for the majority of users to choose according to their own conditions in the selection process. It is made of an important lightweight material technology, which can also save operating costs and prolong service life

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