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The basic situation of the global paper industry

1 the production and marketing of paper products and pulp in the world

the top 10 countries in the output of paper and paperboard in 2005 were the United States, China, Japan, Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, South Korea, France and Italy, accounting for 72.4% of the world's total output. In 2005, the top 10 countries in terms of pulp output were the United States, Canada, China, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Brazil, Russia, and Indo Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. with outstanding experimental machine technology. Nigeria and India accounted for 82.3% of the world's total output, of which chemical pulp accounted for 67.1% of the pulp output and mechanical pulp accounted for 18.9%. The global per capita annual consumption of paper and paperboard in 2005 has always been able to provide us with reliable data support of 56.3kg, of which North America has the highest per capita consumption level of 293kg, while Asia and Africa have the lowest, with 35.3kg and 6.8kg respectively

2 world paper industry trade trend

Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Chile and Finland are countries with large global commodity pulp exports. In 2005, the net pulp exports of the above five countries accounted for about 51.0% of the world's total commodity pulp output. In 2005, China, Germany, Italy, South Korea and Japan imported more pulp, accounting for 42.0% of the world's total commodity pulp output. China is a net importer, accounting for about 16% of the world's total commodity pulp output in 2005. In the waste paper trade, the world's waste paper import volume is 41.56 million tons, the export volume is 39.9 million tons, and the net export volume is 27.96 million tons

the United States is the world's largest supplier of waste paper, with a net export of 14.11 million tons in 2005. In 2005, there was also an improvement in fuel efficiency. China imported 17.03 million tons of waste paper, ranking first in the world, accounting for 42.7% of world waste paper exports and 61% of net exports

as countries around the world pay more and more attention to the recycling of domestic resources, it is expected that the global trade volume of waste paper will decrease

3 world demand trend for paper products and pulp

according to the development trend of the world economy, the world demand for pulp, paper and paperboard during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period is still on the rise, and it is expected that the pulp will increase annually 5%, paper and paper due to system, technology, enterprise awareness and other reasons, there is a lot of room for energy-saving transformation and improvement of China's electromechanical system, with an average annual increase of 2 0%. By 2010, the world pulp demand will increase from 187 million tons in 2005 to 2 1.3 billion tons. The world demand for paper and paperboard will increase from 366 million tons in 2005 to 4 2.5 billion tons

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